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If muscle pain is occurring due to some common reason, then the problem can also be diagnosed with the help of a home remedy. Recovery may take some time but the muscle soreness problem will be resolved shortly.

RICE Technique for muscle pain relief

Rest: Resting will give body muscles time to recover. If you take a little rest, you will feel that the muscle pain has disappeared.

Ice: After wrapping the ice in a cloth, apply the ice pack in a muscle sore spot. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this will provide relief in the problem of swelling and inflammation.

Compression: If possible, compression bandage can be used. Some people also use cloth. If you do not have compression bandage, you can tie hands or feet wherever the problem is felt by purchasing elastic bandage from the drug store. It can be easily used in the ankle, leg, wrist, and arm.

Elevation: Elevation technique means that in any place of the body (hands, feet), there is pain, lift it slightly upwards. Doing so gives relief. Maybe your muscle pain ends suddenly.

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