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Does Myomectomy Surgery in India at Very Low Cost Budget ?


Myomectomy surgery in India is a cost effective option for global patients coming from other nations like (Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana and Congo) etc.

The top hospitals and world class medical centers are par in terms of facilities and human resources with developed nations like USA and UK.

       Surgery                                                Country                                Price(In $) 

Myomectomy Removal                            India                                       $8000

Fibroid Removal                                       USA                                        $20000

Hysterectomy Removal                            UK                                           $18000

Hence you can find most of the hospitals cater high quality healthcare services and this surgery can be provide at low cost budget in India by top and specialist surgeons.

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Yes Of course,

India has a history of giving path breaking healthcare solutions since ages with the help of Myomectomy treatment options. Continuing this legacy, India has emerged out with a number of medical tourism companies that are known to give one of the best healthcare services in India.

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