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Eyelid rejuvenation or blepharoplasty is the most popularly performed surgery among many males and females that involves removing drooping skin and excess fat from the upper and lower eyelid areas. The surgery lifts the excess skin that may impair vision, decrease bagginess or puffiness under the eyes, minimize the dark circles present under the eyes and brighten the overall appearance. Cosmetic eye surgery is performed by the best cosmetic surgeon in India, Dr. K.M. Kapoor at Anticlock- Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa. The surgeries performed by him are typically safe, and the patient also needs to follow the pre and post-operative instructions advised by the surgeon to get safe and best results. To discuss the cost of Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery in India, meet Dr. KM Kapoor at Anticlock- Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa.

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