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Four Things to Consider Before Cheek Augmentation

Cheeks – the fleshy area above the mouth, beneath the eyes and to the sides of the nose – play a significant role in the appearance of your face. It speaks a lot about your facial appearance. Makeup artists often use different shading methods such as blush for improving the contour of the cheeks. However, there are many people who are not happy with the appearance of cheeks and look for ways to improve it. If you feel the same then cheek augmentation surgery can enhance the appearance of your cheeks.

Here are four things you should know if you are considering cheek augmentation cosmetic procedure.

Asymmetry is present and might be enhanced

We all have facial asymmetry, which is expected and normal. Some patients might not be aware of their own facial asymmetry until evaluated by a cosmetic surgeon. Consequently, the treatment on one facial side might be slightly different from the other side. For instance, the cosmetic surgeon might inject more filler on one side of the face, or cheek implants might be modified as required.

Downtime is short

Minimizing downtime is important for working people, who want to resume office quickly and avoid appearing as if “procedure was done”. If dermal fillers are used, swelling and bruising will resolve within the first day of the treatment. On the other hand, cheek augmentation surgery patients should anticipate several days prior to be ready to leave home for work and other daily routine tasks.

The cheek region involves the lower eyelid

It is often that the cheek augmentation procedure also addresses the lower eyelid region too. Eyebags and dark circles might be improved with cheek plastic surgery treatments, either surgical or non-surgical. The plastic surgeon might suggest possible options to consider for reducing puffy lower eyelids in addition to smoother cheeks.

Many choices are available to choose from

Unlike facial plastic surgery procedures where surgery is the only option, cheek augmentation has several options, both invasive and non-invasive. While non-invasive cheek augmentation is the popular choice, with results lasting for several months to a year, cosmetic cheek augmentation surgery creates a permanent change to improve cheekbone structure.

Cheek augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in India. The results of this procedure are outstanding provided it is done by an experienced, well-trained, board-certified and qualified plastic surgeon. With medical tourism in India reaching new heights, an increasing number of people visit the country to benefit from cosmetic surgery procedures. The affordable cost in comparison to other western countries along with high-quality care and hygiene make India the most preferred country for plastic surgery procedures.

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