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The first answer was: What are the exercises that can be done at home to ease the stomach?

Rolling planks exercise is a better option to look slim and trim. Gym goers are aware of this, but those who want to do this exercise at home, they do not know how to do it. Rolling planks exercises are considered good for flat and toned abs. According to experts, more calories are burned than rolling planks exercises. By doing this, the muscles of your feet, hands, and abdomen are fastened, so it is considered a complete body toner exercise.

How to do a rolling plan exercise

To perform a rolling planks exercise, first, lie down on the floor directly back.

Now, while moving your body, kneel down. Place your hands on the floor. Keep in mind that during this time your palms are parallel to the shoulders.

Now extend the legs backward and lift the rest of the body upwards so that your body can remain straight.

During this time your back should look like a plank.

If you are going to do roller planks exercise for the first time, be in the same position for 30 seconds initially, then when you are comfortable doing the Planck exercises, you can remain in this position for one to two minutes. This process should be repeated at least 10 times. According to experts, by doing Planck Exercise your belly fat will be reduced and you will get a slim trim body.

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