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Corona virus Kovid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 has infected more than 3.32 lakh people of the world at this time. 14,587 people have lost their lives. There are 6 such corona viruses present in the world, which have attacked human body. Four of them are of common cold. The two had outbreak SARS and MERS. Let us understand easily how the corona virus enters our body?

The corona virus occurs inside oily lipid bubbles. There is a layer of protein and lipids around this bubble. Spikes of protein are produced from this layer.

The corona virus enters your body through your nose, mouth or eyes. After this it goes to the cells of the body. Human body cells produce a protein called ACE 2. The thorns of the corona bind to the ACE 2 protein.

After this, the oily lipid bubble of the corona virus explodes. It opens the outer layer of the cell. Then the strain or RNA of the corona virus present inside the oily lipids enters our cells.

The genome of the corona virus begins to form a negative viral protein in our body cells. For this, he takes energy from our cells. So that it can produce new corona virus inside the body.

Gradually thorns like corona virus start developing in the cells of our body. That is, our cells also start becoming like corona virus. Then, they break down and start giving birth to new corona viruses.

After this, the corona virus starts assembling in the human body itself, ie new RNA of the virus starts spreading in the body. These create new viruses.

Then human cells start forming new corona viruses consisting of different cells inside the body. Every cell infected inside a human body can produce millions of viruses. In the end, human body cells start dying. Then slowly these viruses reach the lungs and disrupt the process of cleaning oxygen.

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