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If you remain physically active throughout the day, then it is not necessary to exercise separately.

Here we will talk about the outer body body, the beautiful body like beautiful actresses and models, and the players participating in a game later.

See, this much exercise is enough for a common person, who gets every part of his body active, and whatever he eats should be used completely. If food is converted into energy, then do not use that energy and use it, by doing tasks like walking, housework, outdoor work, brain work etc. As soon as we do not keep the right use of both sides i.e. food and energy, then the body will have to bear the brunt of it.

As our age increases, our digestive system changes, where you eat and digest anything at a young age, while being equally functional as we age, there is difficulty in digesting food, because of your body Internal organs, which are gradually reducing their functionality. So you have to change your food habits with age. Exercise means to eat as much energy as you can. So, keeping in mind your age, eat those which you can easily remove and if you eat more then it will increase your weight by increasing body fat in the form of fat.

Now come, on the matter of getting a well-built body, for that you will not only have to apply strict rules for exercising but also to take extreme precautions in eating and drinking. By daily rigorous exercise such as cycling, jogging and going to the gymnasium, you can make your body chic by lifting weights. But protein and other fat-free things, green vegetables, sugar-free things, only fruits without carbohydrates can be eaten.

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