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Stains and lost skin on the skin bring tension in everyone's life. In such a situation, we do not understand where the mistake is happening, so that the skin is disappearing. Actually, to increase the appearance of the skin and to bring freshness in the skin, you do not have to resort to makeup only. There are many options available to get glowing and glowing skin. Such as exercise, yoga and a healthy diet. All these things are beneficial for your skin. If you follow these things daily then you will never need makeup.

Drink more water

Before telling about Yoga, a healthy diet, let us tell you that you want to bring glow on the face. So for that, you need to drink more and more water. You need to drink at least 10 to 11 glasses of water a day.


To get healthy skin and to stay fit, you must do yoga. You can try many types of yoga poses. You can do Bhujangasana, Matsyasana, Halasana. All these will work to give you a fit body as well as bring the glow to your skin.


Dry skin problems cause your skin to lose its shine. Therefore it is important to keep the skin hydrated, for which you should drink more water. At the same time, you must use a moisturizer to retain facial moisture. You can also use a homemade moisturizer. For this, you can use olive oil, milk cream, etc.

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