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Hysterectomy or the surgical removal of ovaries and/or cervix from a woman’s body may be a done as a remedy to sure gynecologic issues. This methodology primarily removes the potential apparatus for a fetus to grow. Many times, the Fallopian tube and therefore the ovaries area unit untouched whereas the female internal reproductive organ is removed. This leaves behind the organs producing the egg and consequently, many ladies wonder if they still stand a chance in bearing a baby, once a hysterectomy. though the obvious answer to the present may be a no, the probabilities of fertilization and embryo formation can not be dominated out. scan on to understand additional concerning the probabilities of obtaining pregnant once a extirpation surgery.

Dr. Uday Thanawala explains a brief about the Hysterectomy and its journey of conceiving pregnancy and its success rates during conceiving Serssins at Thanawala Materity Clinic

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