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I have phlegm in my throat after eating food for a long time, what is the domestic treatment for this?

We are suggesting that you get a check from a qualified E N T specialist ... This disease can also be dangerous ...

worth doing :-

Use of a humidifier: Keeping the air in the house clean helps loosen the throat phlegm. With this, it comes out easily from the throat.
Gargle with salt water: In half or 1-2 cups you can gargle with half or 3/4 tsp salt. This will help loosen the throat phlegm from allergies. You can also adopt this method in the case of sinus sore throat in case of sinus.

Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus is an essential oil that loosens the phlegm in the chest and throat. It functions similarly to products such as Vicks Vaporb.

Over-the-counter medications: If the phlegm is sore in your throat, you can use the over-the-counter medicine Mucinex to loosen phlegm. In this case, it will come out of the throat easily through cough. However, this drug comes in different formulations for children and adults.

Reduce caffeine: Beverage products with caffeine cause a lack of water in the body. Even alcohols have similar effects. If you have a problem of phlegm in the throat, in this case, keep distance from both types of products. Drink as much water as possible, which will keep your body hydrated.

Keep a pillow under the head: People often have increased phlegm in their throat while sleeping at night. People have trouble sleeping. In this case you have to keep your head slightly higher than the body. By doing this, the mucus from the throat and respiratory tract goes down.

Drink water: Due to the problem of phlegm in the throat, the amount of water from the body decreases, due to which the dry mucus starts forming. In such a situation, drinking sufficient amount of water reduces the throat phlegm, so that it comes out easily and the body does not dehydrate. However, hot brew gives little relief in this problem. You can also take steam to clean the sinuses.

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