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Know The Treatment Of Pituitary Microadenoma

According to the doctor, most pituitary tumors do not require treatment. Treatment will depend on age, tumor type, size, and overall health.

Sometimes pituitary adenoma can be treated with medication but this decision is taken by the doctor after they will closely examine the patient's health. Through the medicine the tumor will shrink and the patient will get some relief from the symptoms. In server, case-patient may require these treatments. Contains:

Surgery: Surgeons can often eliminate the tumor with the help of endoscopic surgery. For this the surgeon will use a transsphenoidal technique, using very small instruments to access the pituitary and insert a camera into a small opening made through the nose and sinuses. If this technique doesn't work, the doctor will have to open the skull to get into the pituitary and adenoma.

Transcranial approach: In this procedure, the surgeon will remove the tumor through the upper part of your skull. Surgeons will use this procedure in more complex cases.

Radiation: Treatment of pituitary microadenoma through radiation therapy is also possible. A doctor will use high-energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. Sometimes doctors will use stereotactic radiosurgery, a specialized form of radiation therapy. A doctor will also use high doses of radiation from more than one direction on the adenoma to stop the tumor from growing.

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