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Know what is Prickly Heat before the prescription of erasing prickles?

Ghamori is called prickly heat in English, besides it is also known as heat rash or sweat rash. The rash is often caused by the closing of the pores of sweat glands. A gourd is in the shape of a small red rash with itching and burning sensation. It is more around the back, chest, armpits, and waist. The rash can occur at any age.

Dr. Arvind Singh, a dermatologist at District Hospital, Kabirchaura, Varanasi, told Hello Health that “Prickly heat is a common problem in summer. But when we ignore boasts in common, it can be serious. Therefore, keeping your body clean in the event of boast is its primary treatment. Prices should not be scratched. Due to this, there is a risk of bacterial infection in the skin due to nail application. Also, we should try to keep our body cool to avoid boast. ”

Know the symptoms of prickly rash before the prescription of rash.
Symptoms of the rash are very common. You can also recognize that these donations are arrogant by looking at someone's skin. In rash, small red pigments are released on the skin. Itching and burning start in these grains. These rash erupt on itching. After which sweat starts burning in these grains.

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