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Meet the expert Dentist in Gurgaon at AK Global Dent Clinic

Gum disease is caused when the dental calculus deposits in the gums and makes the gums look red, swollen, and they start to bleed while brushing and also give  bad breath. Over time, it leads to gum recession, pain and sensitivity, and lastly, bone decomposition that can make the teeth fall easily. Dental treatments provided by Best Dentist in Gurgaon at AK Global Dent for periodontitis (severe gum disease) involve professional deep cleaning, root planing (debridement), and periodontal surgery to remove affected gum tissues and tooth (in severe cases). Some mouthwash, painkillers, and antibiotics are also provided to reduce symptoms. Smoking increases the risk or progression of gum disease and should be avoided to help treat it better. Get in touch with AK Global Dent and consult with the best dentist in Gurgaon, to get any dental and oral concerns effectively treated. Meet the expert Dentist in Gurgaon at AK Global Dent Clinic to get the best treatment for gum disease correction!

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