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Skin is covered with tiny hair, and each hair follicle contains small pores. The pores present in the skin helps maintain skin pH balance, hydration, and sebum levels.  Aging is a natural process, and increasing age causes less elastin and collagen production, causing the skin to lose its natural strength and elasticity. Large open pores usually occur due to natural aging, pollution, UV rays, accumulation of dust and dirt in the skin pores, and various factors that cause the skin to lose its elastic strength. Various advanced skin treatments are effective in reducing the appearance of large open pores. Dr. Anu Kapoor performs the best open pores treatment in Delhi at Clinic Skin Essence. This treatment includes microneedling or dermaroller, fractional RF, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peel. All these are safe, effective, and advanced treatments that help in treating open-pore concerns. These treatments boost collagen and elastin production and help reduce open pores appearance. An individual must incorporate proper skincare habits, including regular cleansing and exfoliation, which removes dead skin and dirt built-up from the pores. Get in touch with Dr. Anu Kapoor at Clinic Skin Essence to know about the open pores treatment cost in Delhi.

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