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Anticlock - Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa, the best plastic surgery clinic in India, provides the gold standard non-surgical option – Coolsculpting® (cryolipolysis method) to remove excess fat cells from the body. The treatment uses multiple applicators that can be used to remove fat from multiple body areas like double chin, abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles, back, flanks, and buttocks. The treatment is not a weight loss procedure and is best suited for treating stubborn fat deposits that can be grabbed by hands and is an ideal option for people who exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet but are not able to get rid of noticeable fat bulges. The cryolipolysis method crystallizes or freezes the fat cells, and this causes the fat cells to die. The dead fat cells are filtered out as waste by the patient’s lymphatic system. The treated area becomes slimmer and contoured. Meet Dr. K.M. Kapoor, the best Plastic Surgeon in India, to know more about Coolsculpting® treatment.

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