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Reproductive Health in Emergency Preparedness and Response | Pregnancy Birthing

Dr. Uday Thanawala Indian medical association professor added - Understanding the Impact of Disasters on Reproductive Health

Catastrophes for the most part can be put into three classes:

  • Cataclysmic events (e.g., tropical storms, tornadoes, tremors, fierce blazes, floods)
  • Rising or pandemic maladies (e.g., influenza flare-up, Zika infection)
  • Man-made catastrophes (e.g., fear based oppressor assaults).

Disasters can present unique challenges to pregnant women and potential exposures to the developing fetus during pregnancy can affect infants and children as they grow. Some exposures during pregnancy, like Zika virus infection, can cause birth defects in infants. Other possible impacts of public health emergencies during pregnancy include pregnancy loss, small size for gestational age, preterm birth, and other complications.

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