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Skin Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Delhi

Pigmentation is the most common skin concern which may occur in the form of dark spots, melasma, dullness, blemishes, and uneven tone. Pigmentation can occur on the hands, face, arms, chest, and ca Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi n occur on other parts as well. Melanin is the pigment produced by skin cells and is responsible for the skin’s color. Melanin absorbs the UV light, protects the skin from UV damage, and excess melanin production leads to skin pigmentation problems, and this condition is medically known as hyperpigmentation. Sun damage is the leading cause of pigmentation, although it can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, acne scars, bleaching, parlor facials, and excess scrubbing. The skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi is provided at Clinic Skin Essence by expert skin doctor by determining the root cause of the pigmentation. Dr. Anu Kapoor provides the best skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi, such as chemical peels, laser toning, laser resurfacing, and helps one to achieve a smoother and brighter skin tone. To know more about skin pigmentation treatment cost in Delhi, get in touch with Dr. Anu Kapoor at Clinic Skin Essence.


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