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Skin and hair problems are very common nowadays. Skin is the sensitive and exposed organ of the body, so the chances of getting skin problems are high. Skin and hair problems are caused by both external and internal factors like pollution, aging, sun damage, free radical damage, consumption of alcohol, junk food, smoking, stress, etc. These problems can be mild to severe, but taking the help of an expert can help one to get rid of any of their hair and skin concerns. Dr. Anu Kapoor is one the best dermatologist in Delhi practicing at Clinic Skin Essence. She is an expert in treating various skin, cosmetic and hair concerns. If suffering from concerns like acne, pigmentation, open pores, vitiligo, fungal infections, eczema, urticaria, freckles, psoriasis, wrinkles, aging lines, hair fall, hair loss, and balding, get in touch with the best skin specialist in Delhi Dr. Anu Kapoor at Clinic Skin Essence.



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