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 The skin is the most exposed organ, and it also undergoes different challenges like harmful UV rays, dirt, pollution, dust, and many more. Skin needs intense care, and skin problems must not be neglected as it can pose a harmful effect on skin health, appearance, and texture. Mild skin conditions, if not treated properly, can turn severe if neglected. Dr. Anu Kapoor is one of the best dermatologists and an expert facial aesthetics specialist in Delhi. She believes in the concept of aging gracefully and provides p     atients with natural and soft results by providing the best treatment according to an individual’s skin type and concern. Dr. Anu Kapoor also has special interest in providing treatment for cosmetic concerns like Acne Vulgaris, Melasma, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Double chin, and Hair loss. She is also an expert in performing dermato surgical procedures, skin lightening treatments, lasers, and acne peels. She has also perfected the art of fillers and other injectables to correct facial asymmetries and also to define various facial features. Consult with the best skin specialist in Delhi at Clinic Skin Essence to treat any type of skin concern effectively.


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