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Smelling of the mouth is a sign of some disease?

Some people always smell bad. No one wants to sit near him when the smell comes from his mouth. Others have a problem with the smell of someone's mouth and at the same time, they feel very bad themselves. There is lethargy on the face all day and the taste also seems to be bad.

In such a situation, does the smell of the mouth be the reason for not cleaning teeth or due to some disease?

Let's know -

  • Smelling of the mouth can also be a symptom of pyorrhea.
  • Smelling of the mouth can also be caused by a malfunction in the digestive system.
  • The smell of the mouth can also come due to gum disease.
  • Mouth odor can also be caused due to lung failure.
  • Mouth odor can also occur due to any other disease of the mouth.
  • This problem can also arise due to the cavity in the teeth.

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