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The main cause of mental illness & Personality disorders

The kernels of the mind are not easy to understand. It is difficult to say when our minds are hurt by mental illness. It is difficult to tell which person may suffer from mental stress or grief due to any matter or situation. One thing can penetrate someone's mind deeply, but the same thing can be minor for some other person.

These are the main causes of mental illness - tension in mutual relations, passing of a loved one, loss of respect, heavy loss of work, marriage, intoxication, divorce, failure of exams or love, etc. can be caused by mental illness.

A person may be engulfed in mental illness by shock due to an accident or premature death of one's own or lose mental balance forever, but one is able to bear such grief comfortably. Certainly, being mentally unhappy depends on one's mental strength and mentality, but sometimes those situations and environments also become the cause of mental illness.

Mental illnesses usually prey on any person during the early years of their life, especially in adolescence and puberty. Although anyone can be affected by these, young and old people are most affected by them.

People are facing social isolation due to changes in economic activities and employment practices. Mental problems are increasing due to urbanization, joint family breakdown, and conflict due to youth coming from the village to the city in search of employment.

Mental illnesses are two to three times more common in women than men, due to lack of confidence in women, lack of respect in society and family, their self-centered nature, domestic violence and abuse, women suffer from depression. Are more.

Unemployment, poverty, household problems, and physical illness further exacerbate depression. As the financial condition of a person and his family worsens, mental illness also increases.

There can also be genetic causes of mental illness such as retardation, epilepsy is more common in those who have a history in their family, the risk of children of such people is almost twice as much as that of normal people.

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