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When a person is suffering from arthritis it’s highly beneficial to have a thumb splint to relieve the pain in the thumb. By putting the thumb inside of a thumb splint, the thumb can be immobilized and a person is able to alleviate the pressure from it. Although most thumb splints only provide for a static rest, and a person can actually be out of their thumb splint, a dynamic thumb splint can provide a continuous thumb immobilization. The continuous splinting is done by a patient having to wear the thumb splint for as long as the person needs to get relief. The type of splint used on the thumb will depend on the specific problem a person is experiencing. If a person is having thumb arthritis, a thumb splint that is constructed from a material that doesn’t allow for any movement is probably necessary. The material of the thumb splint should be supportive enough to provide a continuous immobilization but as lightweight as possible.

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