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What are 10 simple habits that can change life?

Try to sleep at least 8 hours daily.

Do not drink too much tea or coffee. This may cause you to sleep.

2. You should try to get up every morning before the sun goes out. Drinking 2 glasses of water immediately after waking up keeps your digestion right.

3. Eat healthy. Never forget to have your breakfast.

Daily, make sure to eat a product made of fruits, vegetables or milk. These things provide essential nutrients to your body.

4. Work out at least 10 minutes every day or 30 minutes morning walk.

Every morning, go to an open place where you can get fresh air. Sit quietly in the morning and do meditation for 10 minutes.

5. Read one hour every day.

Which time of reading is appropriate, it does not matter, whenever you get a chance to sit down to read.

6. When you are with people, give others a chance to speak and listen to yourself.

You can learn many new things by listening. You already know what you say.

7. Do spend time daily with your parents or elders of the house.

Definitely relax.

8. Take time for yourself in between work and laugh a lot.

9. Plan ahead for the next day.

Write daily important things in a diary or make notes.

10. Show gratitude.

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