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Very good question! I have lost 14.5 kg and without exercising or dieting!

It is seen that working out weight is not so difficult as we understand, people just take wrong measures for it! Earlier it was

Now I will tell you what I did to lose weight!

Food plays 80% roll and 20% workout for weight loss! We have nothing special to eat, it is important to take only the right amount of nutrition! First of all, find out how much your BMR is? The average is 1800 for men and 1600 for women!

After this you will have to make some changes in your food! For example, a food that has low calories and high nutrition such as lentils, vegetables, chickpeas, beans, etc.

In breakfast, I used to take a kind of shake that fulfilled all the nutritional needs of my body! Due to the good amount of protein in it, it did not feel hungry soon! Between breakfast and lunch I used to drink 2 liters of water! You have to drink water according to your weight! That means 1 liter of water for every 20 kg. That means I had to drink 4.5 liters of water! At lunch, I used to eat lentils, vegetable air salad! In the beginning, I used to make roti with salad last. I used to have more than lentils and salads in my food! An hour after that I used to finish my water! At about five o'clock in the evening, I used to eat chickpeas, that too by any means.

After that I used to go home from office and go for a walk! For dinner I used to eat dal roti, vegetable and salad! This time there was only work for bread!

Now I tell you what I stopped eating!

Everything found in the market!

All things made with refined flour

White rice (instead I started eating brown rice)


Milk and all milk products (except yogurt)

Tea (I used to drink 14 cups of tea a day)


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