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Generally, BP is considered to be 120/80 correct. That is, the normal BP of humans is 120 high and 80 low.
Controlling high BP is very important for a healthy life. All the major organs of the body are affected by high BP and by controlling this high BP, you can prevent difficulties in life, which many times are not controlled.

A. heart disease
Heart problems are the most common cause of human death due to high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes heart attack, heart block, and many other problems. You can prevent these complications by controlling your BP.

B. Brain diseases
Brain problems are the 2 most common causes of death due to uncontrolled hypertension. This includes strokes in the form of a brain hemorrhage, brain clots, convulsions, cognitive problems, and dementia. By controlling BP, a person can become a victim of these complications.

C. Kidney

Uncontrolled BP damages the kidneys and can also cause kidney failure. Which can be prevented by taking proper care of BP.

D. Peripheral Vascular Disease

It is caused by the thickening of the blood vessels of the feet and hands. It manifests as weakness and numbness of the legs, especially by prolonged walking and not resting. By controlling this BP, you can avoid peripheral vascular disease.

E. Eyes
Uncontrolled BP can cause retinal hemorrhage and other complications that can lead to blindness.
So by controlling your BP and achieving a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent all these complications and also prevent sudden death which is very common in neglected patients.


Now one can decide by themselves how important it is to control your high blood pressure.

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