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This is a disease in which a person does not like to do any kind of activity, and he also stops experiencing happiness. You can call this disease mental illness away. This is a disease that occurs at the beginning of mental illnesses. This is a disease that if the patient is not shown to the doctor in time, then he makes a distance in his mind from day to day and he feels difficulty in working for himself and others, which causes him trouble. And likes to be in himself.

There are two types of Anhedonia -

- Socio-social Anhedonia tends to be associated with social activities.

- Anatomical: Anorexia causes anorexia in body-related activities such as eating and sex.

Symptoms of Anhedonia

1- You do not remain happy and make distances from people.

2- In such a situation you always think negatively for others.

3- You only think wrong about your family and close ones.

4- Emotional abilities begin to decline.

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