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What home remedies can be done to increase eyesight?

If this remedy is done on my own, then believe it will work. I did not see anything without glasses like if we looked at the clock, I could not see any marks in it, even some black black. Just everything white white. I watched a video on YouTube one day. Some eye exercises were given in it. At first I did not believe because if I thought it would be why doctors do not tell. But then the idea came in my mind that let's try it.

Exercise is such that you have to sit down and make a point on the wall right in front of you, to see it without blinking an eyelid. Or even better, you can do this with the tip of a pencil. I did it with the tip of the pencil. Now you have to keep looking at that tip and remember not to blink. Keep the tip of the pencil some distance away, such as the distance of the first half-hand, then after a few days, when the tip starts to appear at a distance of half-hand, then increase the distance. In this way, the distance will be increased in a span of few days when the tip starts to appear clearly. Your eyes will be irritated and water will come from your eyes, but keep looking. Watch as long as you can without blinking an eyelid. Only close the eye when it is closed automatically. Then rest the eyes for a while. Then repeat the same. Do this exercise at least 10 minutes daily. Within 20 days you will see a difference. Now I started seeing numbers in the clock.

I have done this and I have gained. You try too. But do not skip this exercise. Always do. If you do it for 10 days and then leave, then your eye will reach the same condition again. We cannot claim the eyes to be completely correct, but yes the number of spectacles will definitely be reduced.

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