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Harlequin baby is a very rare genetic disease that occurs in newborns. In this disease, the skin of the children is not able to grow healthy and becomes like a dry crust.

The skin dries and bursts from everywhere. Such children have a lot of difficulty in breathing, controlling the body temperature when the temperature of the environment changes.

The death rate of this disease is very high and usually dies within 1 month of birth. Nothing develops in the lips or eyelids due to which it is frightening to see.

It is rare and only 1 in 3 lakh children are likely to have it.

Why does it happen?

Harley Quinn Baby is caused by mutations in a gene ABCA12. It is a matter of concern that there is no cure for it till now

There have also been some cases of Harlequin in India. One such child was born in Delhi last year.

When a child is born in a rural area, people start thinking of him as a devil. But actually they can suffer from this rare disease.

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