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Prostate cancer has become the second-largest disease in the city of Delhi. The spread of this disease in India is very high and very fast. According to the Cancer Registry of Delhi, prostate cancer is the most prevalent disease among men in Delhi, the capital of India. This disease is very deadly. Its share in diseases is 6.78 percent.

According to a report by Delhi Cancer Registry, prostate cancer is second in major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram. On the other hand, prostate cancer ranks third in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Symptoms of Prostate cancer: -

- The first symptom of Prostate cancer is difficulty in urinating at night.

And frequent urination at night. A person has more urine in this disease than in normal conditions.

- Difficulty in urinating and urination is not stopped. More irritation is felt, and blood may also pass in the urine.

- In this disease, there is a constant pain in the body of the man, and more pain in the lower part of the waist or on the thighs.

Lives in the area.

- In this disease, some abnormal changes occur on the skin of human beings. If your skin starts getting unnecessarily black, dark or yellow then these can be symptoms of Prostate cancer.

- In this disease, the weight of a person decreases rapidly. If you lose weight at a fast pace without any exercise, then you should not ignore this.

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