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The body is protected from external infections and diseases by a special defense system called the immune system or immune system. We are almost always in contact with bacteria, viruses or other harmful parasites caused by diseases. But our strong immunity power protects us from these attacks. Repeatedly suffering from an infection or seasonal allergy indicates a weak immunity. Therefore, it is very important to increase immunity to avoid problems like colds, coughs, allergies, hepatitis, lung infections, etc. which occur in the changing seasons. Strong immunity not only provides protection from diseases, but also helps to recover quickly if ill.

Due to lack of immunity

Due to wrong eating habits, timely and not getting enough sleep, stress, lack of exercise, the body does not get proper nutrition, due to which immunity is reduced.

Let's know some easy ways to increase immunity:

Diet has an important contribution in increasing immunity by nourishing the body.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage, radish are natural sources of fiber along with minerals like vitamins A, B, C and iron, calcium. Due to their anti-oxidant properties, they do not allow free radicals to freeze in the body and The stomach also helps to clean properly. By which the digestive system works properly. Due to all these qualities, regular consumption of green vegetables is immune to disease. It is suitable to increase.

Cereals: Eat grains like wheat, jowar, millet including bran. This will not cause constipation and resistance will remain tight.

Yogurt: Very good and easily available method to increase immunity. Add 100 grams of fresh curd which is not sour, add a little water and 1 teaspoon of honey to it. Take it daily with 1 meal a day.

Fresh fruits: Vitamin C and other minerals present in plenty in fruits like oranges, seasonality play an important role in increasing immunity. Eat whole fruits regularly or you can also extract them. Do not add sugar or salt to the juice.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, akharot etc. are full of vitamin A, proteins, zinc, magnesium, iron, fiber, etc. Nutritious elements are consumed by consuming them in the right amount, increasing immunity and building anti-bodies in the body. May increase.

Green Tea: If you are fond of drinking tea, then drink green tea instead of tea. It not only has antioxidant properties but it also contains immunity enhancing ingredients like vitamin C and polyphenols. Its regular intake increases the immune system. Obesity can also be reduced. Take it without sugar. You can take it with lemon and honey for more benefits.

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