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When Does a Patient Need Myringoplasty Treatment?

Myringoplasty is an ideal treatment for eardrum ruptures. Eardrum ruptures can have several different causes.


The primary reason for eardrum ruptures is usually an ear infection. An infection aggravates in the middle ear and reaches the eardrum. This can lead to a perforation in the eardrum. Patients may notice this when the pressure they’ve been feeling in their ear suddenly vanishes. When this happens, a discharge may also leak from the ear. Patients may also lose partial or complete hearing in the infected ear.


Patients, or as is mostly in this case, children, may poke their ears with foreign objects. This can also lead to eardrum perforation.


Often times, a cotton Q-tip, or any other thin object like a pencil is inserted too deep into the ear canal. This can damage the ear and lead to eardrum perforation. Patients should refrain from inserting foreign objects into their ears.


Barotrauma is also a cause of eardrum perforations. Situations such as an airplane changing its altitude, or a submarine diving deep underwater, can cause trauma to the eardrums. This trauma caused by a variation in air pressure can cause an eardrum perforation.


Other causes of eardrum perforations can be a slap on the ear or acoustic trauma due to loud noise. In such cases, the best treatment to undergo is a myringoplasty treatment.

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