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It is a habit to wash hands frequently, so it is necessary before and after doing the following tasks.


Before cooking

Before and after food or any food item

Before and after feeding the baby

If a person is ill at home, before and after their care

Before and after removing the lens in the eye

After toilet use

After changing the baby or baby diaper

After coughing or sneezing. During this time, it would be better to use tissue paper and then use the tissue in a dustbin box with a lid

After touching dirty clothes, shoes or trash cans

Apart from these works, if you feel that you have done some work due to which the hands are dirty but, you have forgotten, then it is better that you wash the hands. If all these things are kept in mind, then you can also avoid any infection or corona virus. By the way, one thing should always be kept in mind that if you do any work more than necessary, then it can also cause loss. This is exactly the same if you do not consume balanced cereal or take more food than necessary, then its side effects also occur. Here we are not advising you not to wash your hands frequently but take care of some things, which can avoid skin problems.

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