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Which exercise should be done if you have back pain?

In the present time, backache has become a problem due to which not only older people but also most of the youth are suffering. The problem of back pain also increases with increasing age, and if it is not treated in due course of time, it can become a big problem later. Back pain is found in most women.

Easy exercises to get rid of back pain

- Mercat posture -
This simple means monkey, while doing this easy one looks like a monkey. This is one that is beneficial in reducing backache, abdominal fat, etc. If this yoga is practiced daily, there is no pain in the extremities.

 Eka pada Uttanasana -
This easy to back pain is also very beneficial, along with this yoga easy gets rid of all stomach problems, and it is also beneficial in eliminating the troubles of the intestines, liver, and kidneys.

In the final pose of Shalabhasana, the body looks like a locust, so it is also known as the grasshopper. It is considered a very beneficial asana to reduce back and back pain. With this easy regular practice, you can get relief from your chronic back pain.

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