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First of all, let us tell you that according to news published in a British journal magazine, scientists of Yale University made an opening which shocked everyone.

Tell the scientists after doing research on the anatomy of women, which was very surprising, about which you are going to know here.

By the way, let us tell you that according to scientists the cells of the vagina and pelvic area are the strongest part of their body.

In this, he also says that when a woman becomes a mother, there is so much scarring in the pelvic area and vagina cells at that time that it can break all the bones of the body.

He told about this that an iron rod can also cause it to become crooked. So now with this, you can estimate how much strength these cells have.

By the way, if scientists believe about it, the strength of these cells increases even during the relationship. During the erection, tell that they become stronger than bones. Due to which women gain physical strength. They are beneficial for women's health.

Note: Explain that for doing this research, the scientists did research on the anatomy of women for about 40 days, it revealed about this so that people can get the right information about it, then really this thing to everyone Is surprising.

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