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Which lifestyle should one adopt to remain healthy throughout life?

If you want to sleep happily, do not 'worry' while sleeping, do 'contemplation' of the Lord.

* If you want to keep digestive power, then eat at the right time and chew each mouthful 32 times.

* If sexual power is to be maintained, do not do erotic thinking and do not cum more than once a week.

* It is a misconception that eating eggs, meat increases strength and drinking alcohol brings pleasure. Eating eggs, meat can make your body fat and strong, but some diseases also arise from it. Drinking does not cause pleasure, fainting, and illnesses.

* Spending more money than his financial power becomes a debtor. One who becomes more laborious than his physical strength becomes weak. The one who consumes more than his capacity quickly becomes old and impotent, and the enemy who is stronger than himself is destroyed.

* There should not be any worry, anger or mourning while eating and sleeping. Washing hands before meals and feet before sleeping and cleaning the mouth both times is beneficial.

* If you want to remain healthy and fit for free, then you should do three things. The first is to get up early in the morning and go for a long walk for air intake, and the second must be chewed properly and chewed at the right time and the third must go to defecation both times.

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