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Dear All,
The World Stroke Organization is promoting World Stroke Day to raise awareness of Stroke - a preventable and treatable catastrophe.
We invite you to join us in raising stroke awareness across the globe.
World Stroke Day 2009 will take place on October 29 with a theme - Stroke- what can I do? This question implies that everyone can do something about stroke. Individuals can learn their risk for stroke and do something about it, they can learn the symptoms of stroke and what to do about them, and they can help advance the stroke cause in many other roles: as a physician, a nurse, a healthcare professional, a patient, a caregiver, a donor, a business person, a citizen, a member of a voluntary organization, a policymaker, a member of government etc. The theme has been developed to prompt individuals, groups and governments to take action against stroke either at a personal, or group level.
This year we are encouraging people all over the world to run World Stroke Day events. The WSO will be delivering tools to support this activity including lists of ideas for activities and media releases.
The WSO will also be providing awards to the best, most innovative, and most powerful activities in different regions to recognise efforts that heighten stroke awareness.
We invite you to register your interest in running a World Stroke Day event by emailing to We will then keep you up to date on World Stroke Day activities in coming months.
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World Stroke Day Working Group
Vladimir Hachinski (Chair)
Waleed Khoja
Erin Lalor
Jose Larracochea
Jeyaraj Pandian
Kate Sarasin
Wendy Segrest

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