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  1. Papaya
  2. Tangerine
  3. Apple

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It is recommended against intestinal parasites. It also serves as a natural laxative and helps to prevent such annoying constipation during the months of pregnancy.
Papaya is rich in minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin E, and helps to: In Thane West

Relieve heartburn during pregnancy

● Prevent degradation of red blood cells and fight hemolytic anemia

● Increase energy and physical activity

● Prevent miscarriage

● Avoid the edema that appears frequently during pregnancy and also inflammation in the hands, legs and feet

● Neutralize the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome

● Improve skin health
● Strengthen the body’s immune system to fight disease.

● Eating papaya or papaya is also recommended to prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The Tangerine
Tangerines and other citrus fruits have a lot of vitamin C, making them ideal for strengthening the immune system, helping in the production of defenses that naturally fight against germs.

They are also rich in B vitamins that are important for:

● Fatigue prevention: fatigue is common especially in the first trimester of pregnancy

● The proper functioning of the central nervous system and the production of neurotransmitters
● The production of energy that is very necessary to perform the functions of the body and maintain a better quality of life

● Assist in the absorption of iron (essential mineral during pregnancy for both mother and fetus)

● Help with the stability of blood sugar levels and insulin production, especially for women who suffer from gestational diabetes

● Relieve headaches that affect some women

● Regeneration and protection of the epidermis. In pregnancy, stretch marks, cellulite and skin spots may develop.

● Reduce blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure is generally a recurring theme in pregnant women due to the risk of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia during this period. These are difficult clinical conditions that can even cause the death of the woman and her child.

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The Apple
The apple is very delicious, very nutritious and ideal if you are expecting a baby. So you should certainly include it in your diet.

The main properties of this fruit are:

● It has properties antiinflammatory

● It is a natural antacid. It reduces the problems of heartburn and gastroenteritis, one of the diseases that occur in pregnancy.

● Controls blood pressure

● It is anti-diarrheal. It also prevents constipation: Constipation in pregnancy is very common

● Combats edema, promoting the elimination of fluids and preventing inflammation

● Reduces cholesterol
● Increases the defenses of the immune system. It is anti-flu and has extensive expectorant properties

● It helps prevent diabetes

● It is used to reduce cramps that are also very common during pregnancy

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