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Dear colleagues,

First of all I´d like to wish you Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!!

This year is coming to an end and it is time for choosing a new managing team at Internet Medical Society (IMS).

You are all invited to nominate yourself as candidate for becoming Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary of the IMS's Steering Committee. As we are not a large organization, it would be good if we reached a sinlge candidacy where all these positions are covered. This way we would not need to celebrate formal elections.

Please, reply to this post if you are willing to have a role in the new heading of the Steering Committee.

Thank you for your collaboration, and again Merry Christmas!

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Dear Ryan and members
this is a great and innovative society
My name is ricardo originally from Panama but finishing my fellowship at NIH Bethesda Maryland USA
I have been involved in organized medicine since medical school
I will like to nominate myself for vice chairmain of IMS

Hello Dr. David Ryan.

Thanks for including me in the Steering Committee and the Delegation of my country, Mexico. I do not know the duties and responsibilities of the positions of Chairman, Vicechairman or Secretary but if the organization requires some support, and you believe that with my profile can be useful would be my honor and will be glad to work and devote time and effort in this great Society.

Merry Christmas 2014 and Hapy New Year 2015 for all of us

Eloy Cardenas-Estrada

Thank you. Then I understand Dr Eloy Cardenas-Estrada is available as Chairman and Dr Ricardo (surname?) is available as Vice Chairman. We still need a Secretary. Anyway we still need to wait until 31st December to see if anyone else wishes to nominate himself or herself, before we set up the new Steering Committee.

Best wishes

Dear David
My full name is ricardo correa
Thanks so much

Candidacy 1

Dr Eloy Cardenas-Estrada: Chairman

Dr Ricardo Correa: Vice Chairman

Dr Manuel Menendez: Secretary

Dear all,

Given we have had one candidacy only, there is no need of voting. 

We can proclaim the following members as the new heading of IMS's Steering Committee.

  • Dr Eloy Cardenas-Estrada: Chairman
  • Dr Ricardo Correa: Vice Chairman
  • Dr Manuel Menendez: Secretary

From my side, I´d like to say it´s been an honor working for IMS and I will keep involved. I was requested to keep as administrator of and I´ve accepted.

My congratulations to the new leaders and Happy New Year to all IMS's members!!

Thank you very much Dr Ryan for your email.

I extend my best wishes to the whole community of Medicalia for this new year 2015. By accepting this responsibility to lead this prestigious organization, my commitment is first, acknowledge the excellent work of all members that have made great this organization. Also devote my efforts to try to strengthen not only in academic but as a multinational and therefore multicultural organization of professionals in fields of life and health sciences.

Best regards

Dr Eloy Cardenas-Estrada

I can do whatever you would like




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