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Why joining? so that you can be part of a courageous professional society that will have significant and positive impact on the health care environment. No other physician group has more resources, expertise and opportunity to improve the future of health care in this country than the IMS.

Play a key role: as a member, you can help shape a better health care future in ways that enhance both physician and patient satisfaction. Utilize your experience and expertise in IMS activities, meetings, online communities and grassroots initiatives for candid discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Save money:  take full advantage of publications and resources driven by innovation and physician leadership. Our medical publishing house iMedPub provides access to topics from medical education to practice support, giving you the most current, comprehensive knowledge at hand. In addition you can get discounts for reading and publishing books and journals. You will have free access to, our online medical library and 25% discount in fees for publishing open access in our medical journals.

Support for your career:  whether you’re re-entering practice, have just started your own practice, are negotiating an employment contract with a hospital, have completed residency or been accepted into medical school, IMS membership offers you practical time- and money-saving resources every step of the way. Fighting for physician- and patient- friendly laws at worldwide level, working to enact viable alternative payment models, taking a stand against over-regulation or providing legal support to physicians: we’re making progress through the involvement of physicians like you. Stay current and involved in this critical work nationally. Become an IMS member today.

Membership is open to all physicians worldwide. Joining to IMS has no dues. You just need to register in our social net and answer "Yes" to the IMS Membership question. If you were already registered you can join by changing your "settings" at the top right corner of this site.

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