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Is intraperitoneal mesh needed for big ventral hernia?

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I would say "no". 

May you please elaborate a little bit more the question of your point of view? Thanx

Thank you Dr Ryan. Intraperitoneal meshes are very expensive. Incisional hernias may be seen after laparotomy. Operation costs must be reduced. Alternative operation managements must be developed.

Hi everybody!

I would say it depends.

For instance, the "pros" are that prevents incisional hernia without adding a substantial rate of morbidity to the procedure, even if high contamination or infections are present. 

And the "cons" is that it could create more adhesion syndrome with abdominal pain after some time.

I guess you should try to make your question more concise if possible, e.g. use of meshes in intraperitoneal emergencies.

You also mention about the reduction of costs, what do you suggest? because the use of the mesh is in order to avoid hernias, if you check the whole process, including the re operation of the hernia -> the cost will me more expensive!



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