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Hair loss: Its causes and treatment options you should know about

Hair loss can transpire in both males and females irrespective of their age. Some time in life, virtually all folks would have to cope with thinning hair in their lives, as it is a very common complaint.

Causes of hair loss
It is usual for any individual to lose about 50-100 threads of hair per day. This is a part of normal biological course where the body sheds off hoary cells to make room for fresh new cells. Hair cells are one of the most speedily altering cells in the body. However, if you observe that you are losing hair at a quicker speed than before, then it should definitely concern you. Check if there are hair threads on your pillow when you wake up, or on your hairbrush after you comb your hair. Speedy hair loss might be instigated by diverse factors. For females, certain biological fluctuations like pregnancy, menstruation or even menopause can dismay the normal hormonal balance, which can elicit untimely baldness. For both males and females, it is potential that baldness runs in the family and would typically be seen as a trivial blotch of baldness typically on the crown. There are illustrations when hair loss stems from taking certain medicines or occurs after some medical treatments like chemotherapy. It might also be an indication that you have a more chronic ailment like diabetes or thyroid ailment.

Treatments for hair loss
Before your doctor can recommend a treatment that can aid to decrease your baldness, he needs to comprehend the reasons of your thinning hair first. If it is a hereditarily caused complaint, there are now hair stimulants that are generally suggested to address this issue. Generally, these are hair regrowth merchandises which encompass minoxidil, an FDA approved constituent. However, make certain that you refer your doctor first and do not self-medicate as you would have to use the right strength of the artifact, contingent on the phase and reason of your hair loss. Other treatments obtainable are hair transplants and natural preparations. Hair transplants are generally costly while natural therapies are readily obtainable and generally do not cost that much. There are several other options available for treating hair loss nowadays such as PRP therapy. In recent years, this has materialized as a prospective tool for combating hair loss. Individuals are having their PRP inoculated into their scalps in anticipations of stimulating hair growth. To read more about PRP therapy go here

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