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International Patients Find Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India a Highly Rewarding Option

Being overweight or obese can make an individual feel extremely beleaguered, the level of self-esteem goes down badly too. This becomes worse when others can shed off that extra fat easily as compared to many who despite of trying very hard, are not able to get rid of the weight. With Bariatric procedures becoming so very favoured, even the doctors and surgeons belonging to this field are recommending and backing these procedures. Although this procedure restricts the amount of food intake, it does not limit the intake of nutrients. Being minimally invasive, the recovery is faster, huge amount of weight loss is possible, no foreign object is placed inside the patient’s body, amount of blood loss and scarring is very less. If choosing to get Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India, another advantage is that it is very sensibly priced. Thus, patients from any social and economical backgrounds can avail this procedure. The cost of this particular Bariatric procedure in India is $6,000 while in USA it costs $16,500, which makes India a highly lucrative choice.

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