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1. What is the main cause of hair loss?

The most common cause of hair loss is a condition known as “androgenic alopecia” or “male pattern baldness”. Nearly …


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Move Forward on Elevated Entryways Comfortably with Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

A limited mobility people often use wheelchair or knee scooter for moving safely from one place to another inside house. But even wheelchairs cannot help them when they need to cross porches, stairs or elevated platforms. In such situations, using Ez-Access passport vertical Platform lift is an ideal solution. It is a platform lift that…


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Arthroscopy: a surgical treatment for all the injuries

It is the completely depressing moment, when we get to now that our one body part is not moving properly that affects our routine life. But,  thanks to medical science that so many technologies emerged in this field.

For this kind of problem, there is also a treatment that we called arthroscopy. The doctor who does this kind of surgery is known as…


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Know about Hemorrhoid Removal (Hemorrhoidectomy)

Your doctor may recommend a hemorrhoidectomy , to remove your hemorrhoids . If they do not respond to more conservative treatment.  Cemorrhoidal veins are blood vessels within the walls of the rectum and  anal canal. Hemorrhoids also known as piles, occur when these veins become swollen and the tissue around them becomes…


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Dr. Manoj Miglani Knee Expert Offers Revision Replacement for Failed Knee Arthroplasty


Total knee replacement is one of the most a successful surgery in field of medicines. In the majority of cases, it allows people to live richer, extra lives free of continual knee pain. Through the years, however, a knee replacement may additionally fail for a variety of reasons. In case your knee replacement fails, your doctor may suggests you to have a second surgical treatment—revision total knee replacement. In this…


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Which medication Best to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’ve ever been throughout Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} situation where you couldn’t get Associate in Nursing erection once you expected to, you acknowledge the emotional storm that follows.

Feeling of frustration, embarrassment, shame, and anxiety settle in, notably if the matter continues to travel unresolved.

It’s a scenario you’ll invariably keep in mind and one that 1/2 all U.S. men between forty and seventy years previous have practiced too. For many,…


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Coarctation Of The Aorta Treatment: Patients from USA Flock to India for Better Heart Care


Coarctation of the aorta is a narrowing of part of the aorta. It’s far a form of delivery illness. The precise purpose of coarctation of the aorta is unknown. It effects from abnormalities in development of the aorta prior to delivery. This disease is one of the most commonly happening heart disease and is diagnosed in adults below the age of 40. In moderate cases, signs and symptoms might…


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Types of Insulin and How They Work...!

What are the different types of insulin...?

Several types of insulin are available. Each type starts to work at a different speed, known as “onset,” and its effects last a different length of time, known as “duration.” Most types of insulin reach a peak, which is when they have the strongest effect. Then the effects of the insulin wear off over the next few hours or so.…


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Breast Augmentation using Implants

Breast augmentation – also called as augmentation mammoplasty – is a surgery to enhance the size, shape and volume of the breast. It is primarily for women who hope to increase the  overall size of their breast. But there are many reason…


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PRP Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers -Diabetic foot care Treatment in Vashi"Sweetclinics"

What is PRP?

PRP can be defined as the plasma fraction of blood with a platelet count concentrated above the baseline (3-10 times). The Platelets comprises the full balance of clotting as well as the growth factors, which plays a significant role in wound…


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Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Mihir Bapat to Get the Best Spine Treatment


Back pain is the most common reason people self- treat and seeking medical advice. It is studied to affect approximately three in four individuals at some stage in their lifetime. When we talk about back pain we mean pain that originates in the spine anywhere between the upper and lower back. Endoscopic spine surgery is a type of state-of-the-art surgery that uses small tubular system or micro incisions, assisted with an endoscope for visualization.…


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7 Main Principles for Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Thrush, swollen gums, bad breath , or cavities are some examples of poor oral health. In fact, dental or gum problems don't merely make it difficult to eat or talk. A study found that poor oral health can cause dangerous complications.

Therefore, we present some useful tips for maintaining oral…


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Gender Reassignment Surgery

It was back in 1952 when a 27 year old George Jorgensen described himself as woman trapped in man’s body. 2 years later, he underwent gender reassignment surgery which was considered as one of the first cases of transition from male to female gender.…


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Worlds Breast Feeding Week - World Health Organization – Thanawala

Breastfeeding gives your baby a healthy start that lasts a lifetime. Breast-milk is the best food for your baby. 

The cells, hormones, and antibodies in breast-milk help protect babies from illness. This protection is unique and changes every day to meet your baby’s growing needs.


At Thanawala's we advise mothers to give only…


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Cosmetic Surgery : A Cultural Obsession

If the multitude of television shows touting the benefits of extreme makeovers is anything to go by, then it seems that cosmetic surgery has secured a firm foothold in the collective consciousness of those seeking eternal youth and beauty. Is it possible that the increased focus on cosmetic surgery has finally revealed how self-obsessed many of us really are?

Incredibly, in just 10 years, cosmetic surgery in the United States has increased by more than 700 percent. And it’s not just…


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Highly Measurable Symptoms of Myomectomy / Uterine Fibroids

A myomectomy treatment is a technique that expels fibroids from the uterus. In contrast to a hysterectomy, the uterus isn't expelled during this system.


Common symptoms of uterine fibroids…


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Even a Little Junk Food Adversely Impacts Health

Sweet clinics Diabetologist in Vashi  , Some People say soft drinks and Burgers can be safely enjoyed sometimes as part of a "balanced" diet. But what kind of "balance" are they really talking about? A balance between tasty but harmful food and healthy nutrition. There’s no denying that…

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How Homeopathy Help in Throid Problem

One of the quickest developing issue in present-day times is the glitch of the Thyroid. The insights demonstrate that the Thyroid condition is the most under-analyzed medical issue. There are a large number of individuals experiencing Thyroid issues, however, just a couple out of those are analyzed and treated, see positive outcomes utilizing Thyroid prescriptions.

Regularly the Thyroid levels seem ordinary with lab, yet the people battle with the manifestations of a Thyroid…


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How Can You Find Out The Blocked Fallopian Tubes?


The fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on all sides of the uterus, that cause developed ovaries within the uterus. At the point when a hindrance keeps the egg from taking place the tube, the woman includes a blocked fallopian tube. It will happen on one or either side. 

Blocked fallopian tubes are one…


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