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Avail unparalleled Disc Replacement Surgery options in India

As an individual the role of spinal cord has its own significance as spine is the amazing set of bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae is separated by special rubbery disc and interlocked by processes of bone better known as facets joints. The major function of the vertebral column is to: protect the cord, provides motion for the human skeleton, flexibility and mobility i.e. helps in bending forward, backward and sideways and most important transmits body weight while standing and walking.…


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Selecting an expert surgeon for cancer surgery plays important role in the path of wellness

Surgeons play the most important role in treatment of any kind of diseases. The educational knowledge and practical experience performing various surgical operations makes best oncology surgeons in India. The research to find new pathways to create wellness in people facing devastating disorder like cancer is carried out in cancer research centers in India offering meticulous hospitality by using latest technology at best affordable price.…


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Spine Surgery Benefits in India for Health Recovery

Nearly 3 million people suffer from back pain and spine trauma each year. Such patients can get spine surgery benefits in India like affordable cost and access to the most qualified surgeons. The spines are the basic pillars of our body and any interruption in its functionality might deter our health in many ways. Spine surgery in India is being done at numerous hospitals with a vast acclaim for maximum success rate at the hands of expert panels of surgeons. Dheeraj…


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Meditrina Hospital India

The operation theatres at Meditrina Hospital have WHO standardization with the 100 plenum Air Flow System, suitably coordinated with Mind-ray motorized pendants at par with international standards. Meditrina Hospital provides healthcare at extremely affordable rates without compromising with the quality and care. International patients are effectively guided to reach the best medical care in Nagpur and the hospital keeps them updated through the entire procedure and provides…


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Best Medical tourism India

Medical tourism India is becoming famous around the world. The affordable price and top class services offered by Indian hospitals. The facilities are matching international standards and cater every high tech method for surgical operations and medications. There is solution for every health disorder. The advent of technology has lead to surgeries which were most complicated or impossible. Surgery in India is cost effective and life saving alternative for foreign patients allowing savings…


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Preparing the perfect medical CV

Even in this age of electronic application forms and e-portfolios there is still a need for doctors to maintain an up to date curriculum vitae (CV). Your CV is a career road map that enables you to identify and deal with any gaps in your experience and to respond to opportunities that may arise unexpectedly.

Whether you are applying for a new position, your consultant has…


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