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Heart ICD Implant Surgery Avail the best!

With more than 100,000 patients suffer heart deformities every year. At Indian center of cardiology, we know that the success of treatments is well known around the globe. Indiacardiacsurgerysite is finest medical tourism company in India committed to support international patients coming to India to avail professional treatment like Heart ICD Implant Surgery, which are modified to give precise results every day. At hospitals in India, our success is strongly influenced by…


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Tackling bullying among doctors

Bullying of doctors in training is widespread. Abdelmageed Abdelrahman discusses the impact of the problem and how it can be tackled

In 2014, nearly 10% of doctors in training reported to the General Medical Council (GMC) that they had experienced bullying. The figures, collected as part of the GMC’s National Training Survey of the 50 000 doctors in training, reveal the extent of the problem among doctors training in the United Kingdom.

But the impact of bullying…


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GMC has investigated 22 trainees over recreational drug use since 2011

Twenty two junior doctors were investigated by the General Medical Council between 2011 and 2015 over recreational drug use, figures released by the regulator have shown.

From January 2011 to January 2015 the GMC investigated 22 doctors who were less than five years after qualification for alleged recreational drug use. The cases were categorised by the GMC as controlled substances offences, driving under the influence of drugs, mental and behavioural illness (substance misuse), or…


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The role of pharmacists in prevention of antibiotic resistance!

According to the CDC, antibiotic resistant microorganisms were responsible for infecting more than 2 million people in 2013. The death toll of these kinds of infections reaches out to 23,000 per annum. Prevention is of the essence and so physicians and pharmacists should help address this problem. Prevention prevails over cure any day of the week!


Prevention is better than…


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Pay reasonably less for Brain Tumor, Cerebral Astrocytoma Treatment in India

As we hear cancer a thrill undergoes down the body. Cancer is divided into various categories. Every cancer has different symptoms with variable affects on body trapped under devastating disorder. Brain tumor, Cerebral Astrocytoma is a type of cancer growing forming a lump with brain cells called astrocytes.

Treatment for Brain tumor, Cerebral Astrocytoma in India is quite affordable. The different types of methods are followed

  • Surgery – used greatly…

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Improve working of your heart by valve replacement surgery India

Heart valve replacement surgery is the other chance to live life healthy. The surgery is performed to replace damaged heart valve, which is very vital part. Innovations in medical technology and methods are seen in India followed by top surgeons and superlative hospitals attracts number of patients and also meeting expectations of international patients as the standards of treatment and state-of-art match global level. Heart valve replacement surgery India is…


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Indiacardiacsurgerysite are trusted Source for Cardiac surgery in India

Are you searching for trusted source for cardiac surgery in India, your answer is Indiacardiacsurgerysite. This is a premium medical tourism consultancy providing complete information regarding cardiac health units in India, surgeons and other required information. This will assist international patients to make choices for taking wise decisions. The team is in alliance with JCI accredited hospitals, giving full fledge facilities for heart patients. The…


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India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

India Cardiac Surgery Consultants have come to help you if you are not getting a reliable solution for your cardiac problems. You can avail their services for getting the best medical treatment with cutting edge technology at advanced heart surgery hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune. India Cardiac Surgery Consultants have provided relief to the cardiac diseases of various abroad patients who were not able to pay the high operation charges in their own country.…


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Meet top healthcare consultants in India

Is it true that you are experiencing some issue or disfigurement? Is your treatment cost high in your local nation? Is your home place is wasteful in demonstrating good health care administrations? Every one of these inquiries brings a profound thought. Your response for all the above inquiries is therapeutic tourism. With incomparable social insurance administrations numerous restoratively propelled nations give economical, moderate and conspicuous treatment covering each small to…


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get premium pediatric neurosurgery care in India at affordable price

India is enhancing its medical care and faculties with good quality of hospitals handled by experts and various professionals. Pediatric Neurosurgery in India is a branch of medicine treating the neurological illness in children. It is scary and difficult for parents to hear that their child is suffering nervous system problem needing surgical assistance to heal. The field of pediatric neurosurgery is extremely sensitive as children’s body differs with that of an…


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India - centre of excellence for lymphoma treatment

Effort of travelling India will definitely benefit you in many ways with cost effectiveness to outstanding nursing care. Every year thousands are of people die because of cancer. This includes several types of cancers and one of them is lymphoma. Many patients suffering from blood cancer i.e. lymphoma do not have proper access to treatment as they don’t have medical facility in their home town or just because they can not afford treatment charges in higher states of countries. Lymphoma…


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Know Top Reasons to Choose India for Infertility Treatment

Infertility affects both genders men male and females. It affects the ability of conceiving due to some defaults in body, but can be over come by treatments.  The modern techniques help couples to turn into family with fruitful results. Infertility Treatment India will provide patients complete satisfaction and happiness. There are several factors affecting fertility consisting both men and women, they are

  • Smoking
  • Use of…

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Posture a fit back with spine surgery lumbar laminectomy

Spine surgery lumbar laminectomy is performed to relive effects of spine problems like spinal stenosis. Surgery is necessary to relieve pain of spinal cord due to compression. The removal of lamina from spine is the aim of laminectomy. Lamina is bone part in spine forming curve. The surgery removes spurs in the bone, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root causing back pain, weakness in legs, difficulty in controlling bladder movements, walking difficulty.



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Bibliotecas de temas médicos

En esta época de e-pacientes y e-medicina, el renombre virtual se logra con publicación de material relevante, en el cual la famosa "revisión por pares" viene a ser reemplazada por un grupo de afines con algo más de tiempo, que poco a poco empiezan a manifestar confianza en su juicio, su independencia y sus valores.

Dentro de la aventura de hacer conocer más sobre conocimiento médico, han surgido poco a poco estas bibliotecas que comparto:…


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Laser Treatment for Slipped Disc in India with Least Surgical Risks

Many advanced spine surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Nagpur and Delhi are now providing laser treatment for slipped disc in India. The surgery of laser spine is a very minimally invasive medical procedure that cures numerous painful conditions of the spine.  This medical surgery does not need the opening up of the spinal canal to be opened up. This surgery is done by making very small incisions in the spine that are lesser than ½ half of an inch.…


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Avail unparalleled Disc Replacement Surgery options in India

As an individual the role of spinal cord has its own significance as spine is the amazing set of bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae is separated by special rubbery disc and interlocked by processes of bone better known as facets joints. The major function of the vertebral column is to: protect the cord, provides motion for the human skeleton, flexibility and mobility i.e. helps in bending forward, backward and sideways and most important transmits body weight while standing and walking.…


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Selecting an expert surgeon for cancer surgery plays important role in the path of wellness

Surgeons play the most important role in treatment of any kind of diseases. The educational knowledge and practical experience performing various surgical operations makes best oncology surgeons in India. The research to find new pathways to create wellness in people facing devastating disorder like cancer is carried out in cancer research centers in India offering meticulous hospitality by using latest technology at best affordable price.…


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Spine Surgery Benefits in India for Health Recovery

Nearly 3 million people suffer from back pain and spine trauma each year. Such patients can get spine surgery benefits in India like affordable cost and access to the most qualified surgeons. The spines are the basic pillars of our body and any interruption in its functionality might deter our health in many ways. Spine surgery in India is being done at numerous hospitals with a vast acclaim for maximum success rate at the hands of expert panels of surgeons. Dheeraj…


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Meditrina Hospital India

The operation theatres at Meditrina Hospital have WHO standardization with the 100 plenum Air Flow System, suitably coordinated with Mind-ray motorized pendants at par with international standards. Meditrina Hospital provides healthcare at extremely affordable rates without compromising with the quality and care. International patients are effectively guided to reach the best medical care in Nagpur and the hospital keeps them updated through the entire procedure and provides…


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Best Medical tourism India

Medical tourism India is becoming famous around the world. The affordable price and top class services offered by Indian hospitals. The facilities are matching international standards and cater every high tech method for surgical operations and medications. There is solution for every health disorder. The advent of technology has lead to surgeries which were most complicated or impossible. Surgery in India is cost effective and life saving alternative for foreign patients allowing savings…


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