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Best Spine and Neuro Surgeon in India enables in fixing Spine and Neurological disorder with expertise and Care

In the early seventies, the neurosurgery was seen entering into the initial stage in the developing India and this was the time when most of the neurosurgeons were known to have a very high mortality rates. A majority of neurological cases that were dealt were just the head injury. However, with the passage of two decades the field of neurosurgery is seen with having some rapid leaps. Today, you can find a number of Indian doctors and surgeons that were considered to be at the top in the…


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How Get your Appointments with doctors at Lilavati Hospital Mumbai Quickly ?

India is a land of great hospitality as it has a tradition to call guests as a form of gods and goddesses. This has inculcated attributes like compassion and other values, which make them a great host. Considering all these attributes, the medical tourism Industry has gone on a surge for the fact that it has one of the best hospitals and health centres, which help global patients with best possible solutions. One such city is Mumbai wherein you can find hordes of good hospitals catering some…


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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - Innovative Cure for Human brain Tumours inside India

Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a kind of surgery wherein the surgeon uses radiation therapy to flush out the tumours and other abnormalities found inside your brain. In this surgery, the surgeon uses a much specialised tool that focuses to 200 tiny beams of radiation over the tumour or other similar issues. Though each of the beams have a small impact over the brain tissues when it passes through, a very strong dose is seen given in the form of radiation. Though the patients suffer some amount…


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Inter Laminectomy: Why You Should Go for the Surgery?

Inter Laminectomy Overview

Inter Laminectomy is basically a surgical procedure wherein a bony area portion found in the spine known as lamina is removed. The lamina found in the back portion of each and every vertebra found in the spine, which grows up to form a back wall inside the spinal canal. This procedure is also called as spinal or lumbar decompression, which helps in relieving the pressure incurred by spinal nerve and thus gives the ease to neck, back and removes the…


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Are you suffering from spine & Neuro Problems? Go for Best hospitals in India

Spine & Neuro Problems Overview

Life in the cutting edge times is inconceivably speedier, and this speed in doing our day by day assignments is constrained to huge urban communities as well as influenced the towns. Two of the wellbeing issues that are very regular these days are neck torment and back torment. The torment can be so extreme on occasion that it turns out to be extraordinarily hard to live normally. Taking medications incidentally is never truly the changeless…


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Spine conditions and disorders- Know the facts

Overview :

Our spine, or backbone, is comprised of 26 bone plates called vertebrae. The vertebrae secure spinal line and permit to stand and twist. Various issues can change the structure of the spine or harm the vertebrae and encompassing tissue. They incorporate :

  • Contaminations
  • Wounds
  • Tumors
  • Conditions, for example, ankylosing spondylitis and scoliosis.
  • These come with age, for example,…

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