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Menstruation Pain (dysmenorrhea)

Almost every woman experiences pain during menstrual cycles at some point in their lives. Dysmenorrhea is the term used to define the painful period, which occurs due to uterine contractions. It is classified into primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, both are treatable.

Primary and Secondary Dysmenorrhea

The pain starts a few days before your menstrual cycle or when the bleeding starts. It can be mild to severe and can be felt on your thighs, lower back, and…


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What are Ovarian Cysts? Causes & Treatment

Women have two ovaries, which are part of their reproductive systems and responsible for producing reproductive hormones—estrogen and progesterone. Each woman gets a fluid-filled sac within the membrane of the ovary at some point. These are usually the painless cysts that go away on their own without causing any harm to your ovaries or reproductive health.

However, if the size of a cyst is greater than 5 cm in diameter, they need to be taken out surgically. A majority of ovarian cyst…


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