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Myths and Facts about Cortisol and Its Role in the Body

Anyone who reads or watches television has heard about cortisol and what it does in the body, particularly in regard to weight loss and stress. There have been a ridiculous amount of supplements on the market that have the word—or part of the word—cortisol conveniently tucked into its name, all claiming to help you lose weight or lower your stress levels with this magic ingredient or reasonable facsimile of. Before spending your money or telling an overweight or stressed out friend about the…


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Healthline’s ‘You’ve Got This Campaign’ Offers Real-Life Advice from People Living with MS

The Twitterverse has been abuzz in recent months with Tweets about Healthline’s You’ve Got This – MS campaign. With just the curious click of a link, you can see just why all the buzz whether you’ve been affected by Multiple Sclerosis personally or not.

Healthline has managed to skip past the usual over-the-top and obviously scripted awareness campaign fodder by…


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