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Bombay Hospital Mumbai India for Obesity; A Safe and Effective Solution

Why India?

Obesity is the fastest spreading health disorders which would turn into chief causes for increasing human mortality rate in the future. There is a worldwide acknowledgement for Bombay Hospital Mumbai India which has turned it into a hotspot for patients preferring a safe and effective solution in…


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Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India offering Dr. Milind Wagh as Gift of Plastic Surgery this Christmas Holiday Season


India as we know is a also among the emerging places for healthcare services. In fact, if you check the latest report, it suggests that India will become a 200 billion dollar industry for medical tourism by the end of the 2020. In fact, currently it…


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Liposuction In India Promised By Best Plastic Surgeon In India Renders Quality Results At Affordable Cost


Liposuction is the best way to get rid of the extra fats and look fantastic apart from keeping a number of dreaded diseases at bay. In fact, it can be carried out for a number of reasons in the public domain. Of late, Indian hospitals like the Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India have become the best place for various cosmetic procedures like liposuction in India. Thanks…


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Benefits of low cost Breast Reduction Surgery in India

The benefits of low cost breast reduction surgery in India include getting it performed by the board certified surgeons from the best cosmetic clinics or hospitals. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is a fraction of what it will cost in the western countries. Many women from across the globe have got their breast reduction surgery…


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Achieve total weight loss with Cheapest Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India

A sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the weight loss surgery in India which worked by resecting a major portion of the stomach by creating a sleeve without disrupting the normal connections with oesophagus and the small intestine. This surgery does not cause any change in the order of a digestive system and hence the results has lower complication rates, less malabsorption with…


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Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Cost With Best Surgeon In India

Obesity is a curse in many ways, right from making your physical look bad to giving a number of medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart ailments. There various surgical and non-surgical options to try when it comes to getting rid of the obesity. Gastric sleeve is one of the surgical methods to get rid of the obesity…


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New Advice to Treat Obesity in children: Dr Ramen Goel

It looks easy to treat children who are facing the problem of being obese and overweight, which is just talk to the parents to let their children eat less and do more physical activity. But in reality the treatment of obesity in children is very frustrating, time-consuming, expensive and more difficult. In-fact selection of the proper method to treat obesity problem in children is very complex. It is even more complex if done by basic pediatric doctor with limited resources. Some of the…


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