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Miscarriage Types: Different types of spontaneous abortion and the reason behind them.

The different types of miscarriage include-

The first signs of miscarriages can be bleeding or pain: cramps, vomiting, menstrual pain, etc. Be careful not all bleeding is synonymous with miscarriage but must be managed by a doctor. Slight intermittent blood loss (from the cervix or future placenta) may be normal.

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All you need to know about Miscarriage, its causes, symptoms and treatment

Miscarriage Treatment includes-

If the expulsion of the fetus and placenta is not complete, the doctor may recommend waiting for a natural outcome. In this eventuality, there is no medical intervention, the pain and bleeding will disappear over time, a sign that the miscarriage is over. A control ultrasound makes it possible to verify that…


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Oligospermia: How tough is Low sperm count to deal with!

The Oligospermia Causes include-

The term Oligospermia or low sperm count is a problem which affects the quantity of sperm produced in men. This production anomaly can be transient or chronic. The causes can be many, because many factors are capable of modifying or altering human spermatogenesis.

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Uterine Fibroids kind of Tumor That Can Create Problems In Women

When there is a appearance of symptoms, they may be affected by the dimensions, location, and many fibroids. A number of the symptoms regarding uterine fibroids may be repeated urination, back again-ache, bowel problems, pelvic soreness, lower leg pains, pelvic pressure, heavy menstrual blood loss, problems in emptying the bladder or menstrual time periods that can extend for more than a few days.

To know the…


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Male infertility: All about Oligospermia

When oligospermia is severe and/or associated with another sperm abnormality, such as teratospermia and/or asthenospermia, we can speak of male infertility. To treat it and try to carry out pregnancy in spite of it, one can opt for assisted reproductive technology, and in particular to artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with or…


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How to cope up with first IVF Failure?

Options after failed IVF include- 

Many couples want to try again as soon as possible after a failure. The time of the consultation is, however, an essential stage for the couple and for the doctor. The future parents will be able to discuss with the therapist while the doctor, enlightened by the biologist's analysis, will be able to suggest modifications to improve…


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In Vitro Fertilization With Microinjection- ICSI Treatment Procedure

The term "ICSI" used for in vitro fertilization with micro-injection confirms that the biologist will choose a spermatozoon and inject it into the cytoplasm of the oocyte in a well-determined place to induce the fertilization process.


There are 2 variants of ICSI treatment…


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IUI for Male infertility: How is it Useful in Treating Male Infertility

Intrauterine insemination is a procedure of assisted reproductive technology consisting of injecting the previously prepared concentrated sperm of a male partner or a donor into the uterine cavity of the woman using a special catheter (narrow tube).

The sperm move in the direction of the cervix inside the fallopian tubes (the uterine tubes) to reach the released egg and fertilize it.…


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Is AMH Level Test 100% Reliable?

the level of AMH in the blood tends to decrease with age in parallel with the number of follicles, unlike other pituitary hormones (FSH and Inhibin B). As such, the AMH is considered to be the best reflection of the ovarian reserve. In addition, AMH is a good indicator of the success rate of certain protocols for assisted procreation (AMP) and of possible risks of ovarian hyperstimulation. Indeed, there is a correlation between the AMH level (high) and the number of oocytes punctured after…


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Things you need to be aware about uterine polyps

Often there are no symptoms. If symptoms exist, they may include abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods, after sex or a shower, or discharge of yellow or white mucus. Other uterine polyps symptoms include-

  •  Their symptomatology is rich and is based on the bleeding that occurs outside the rules (metrorrhagia) or during the periods…

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Are IVF Twin babies a Risk?

We must weigh the pros and cons between transferring 2 embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy with 1 single embryo to reduce the risk of twin pregnancy with IVF. Each case is specific and the decision is taken collectively between the doctor, the biologist and the couple, based on the clinical context of the couple and the experience of the fertility…


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All You Need to Know About IUI Cost in India

A natural IUI uses a woman's natural cycle to time insemination. She and her doctor will monitor her LH hormone levels to determine when to ovulate. This usually happens around 24-36 hours after the sudden surge in the LH hormone, which indicates that ovulation will soon occur. LH hormones can be monitored using a blood test and an internal ultrasound. Intrauterine insemination is a way of affordable treatment than any other fertility treatment with a reasonable…


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A Brief Guide on Uterine Fibroids?

A fibroid that grows to the outside of the uterus (a subserous myoma) can grow in such a way that it is only attached to the uterus with a stalk. Such a stalked myoma can rotate on its own axis. If it does not turn back by itself, the tissue may die because the blood vessels are pinched. This causes a very severe abdominal pain and must be operated soon with the various…


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Are you Aware of uterine polyps?

The uterine polyp or endometrial polyp is an outgrowth of the endometrium, the lining that lines the inside of the uterus. This tumor is harmless and its size, number, shape, and composition are variable. A polyp can fill the entire uterine cavity, be it single or multiple or be it pedunculated (attaching to the uterus with one foot) or sessile (with a large implant base) in nature.

It can remain contained in the uterine cavity, located in the cervix, or be externalized by the cervix…


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How Oligospermia is Affecting You?

For males, a fertile normal sperm quantity should be around 20 million per milliliter, and if it is less than that than it is considered to be oligospermia or low sperm count.

To find out if a man is suffering from oligospermia, it is necessary that he undergoes a certain examination known as spermogram. Usually, when a couple starts trying for pregnancy, the time for a…


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Ovarian Cyst: All you need to know!

There are many ovarian cyst symptoms. If you have the following symptoms of a ruptured cyst, then you should head to your doctor anytime soon.

  • Sometimes, cysts can break open, leading to heavy bleeding or severe pain.
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Bowel movements become painful
  • Pelvic pain before or post menses
  • Intercourse becomes…

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the Scan Will Bring Bad News It is another common worry during pregnancy. Outputs are a twofold edged sword. While you are next to yourself with energy at the possibility of seeing your child, you may likewise end up feeling stressed that something will appear on the output.

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How Common are Twins through IVF

There are many couples who wish to have twins or multiple babies at a single pregnancy. Some of the reasons behind this are; their age factor and financial issues related to IVF in the future. If you are expecting to conceive IVF twins babies, you can have a discussion with your fertility doctor. He would help you understand the safety and risks related to having twins through IVF treatment. Browse link to known factor behind…


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Is Natural IVF better than Standard IVF?

The natural IVF cycle is well known as Drug-Free IVF. It is called so because, in this process, the eggs retrieved are naturally matured and are not produced using the drugs to stimulate the ovaries for the production of multiple eggs. This procedure has been proved to be a very effective method for infertility treatment. Read the full blog from the Natural IVF…


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How Oligospermia Effects on Male Fertility

Basically there are no symptoms of Oligospermia in some men, but the situation can be discovered when they are unable to conceive the pregnancy. Some men can have visible symptoms such as;

  • Thick discharge
  • Pain during urinating, because of infections
  • Swollen and enlarged veins
  • Sexual dysfunction like; low sex drive,…

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